Competition Teams

Tot Team:

Our Tot Team is for children approximately four or five years of age, as a gentle introduction to competitive gymnastics. The training is accelerated from that of a preschool gymnastics class as these children are actually being prepared for the next team level, which involves competition. The tot team does not participate in competitions. They are treated as young children and trained by coaches with a background in preschool gymnastics as well as a sound knowledge in teaching proper fundamentals.

Junior Team:

The level 2-Junior Team girls compete USAG routines on all four events. Mid Island gymnasts have the opportunity to experience competition in a fun and positive way! They have a competitive leotard and attend meets where they will receive scores from judges and earn medals and ribbons for their performances! The goals of this team is to prepare them for future competitions/levels all the while boosting their confidence, developing the foundation of gymnastics and polishing their skills! The Junior Team practices 3x a week, working on apparatus and strength. This is a low stress team designed to improve their fundamentals and foster their love of the sport.

Level 3-10:

A program designed to prepare gymnasts for competitions in which the girls progress through each level learning set routines. Local, Sectional and State competitions are conducted by USA Gymnastics for these levels.

These competitive levels are a year-round commitment to train new skills and learn routines on each of the 4 events and then continue to perfect those routines and compete them at meets. our goal is to create well-rounded gymnasts who will push themselves to improve but also have fun in a challenging, positive environment! Competitive gymnasts should be highly motivated and self-disciplined. The attention to detail, perseverance, poise and self-confidence developed through participation in this program serves the gymnast well in other ares of her life.


This program is perfect for athletes that want to compete and continue with gymnastics but do not necessarily have the hours to commit to the USAG program. USAIGC athletes train between 1 and 4 times a week. These athletes represent Mid Island Gymnastics at competitions with the opportunity to compete at State or National competitions. One of the beauties of this program is that you don’t have to go all around. If there is an event or two you’re not crazy about, just don’t do them!

To download our participation waiver as a PDF, click here!