Join Our Competition Gymnastics Team And Treat Your Child To A Challenge Like No Other

At Mid Island Gymnastics, we're proud to help students all across Hicksville challenge themselves and take pride in their skills. Our Competition Gymnastics training is the perfect way for students of all ages and experience levels to learn high-level instruction and take on the best competitors around.

We're helping students learn the fundamentals first and then grow to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in every move. Give your child the chance to enjoy the thrills of competition and the joys of success. 

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Who Is Our Competition Gymnastics Training Designed For?

Truthfully, we have something for everyone! Whether your child is completely new to the format or they're interested in taking their skills to the next level, we have a team and a group of instructors that can help them thrive! 

Join us in Hicksville for:

Tot Team (Ages 4-5): Tot Team is our youngest competition program and offers girls the chance to build their skills at an accelerated pace. Although our Tot Team does not compete in formal competitions, they are prepared for the structure and expectations of the competition setting. This program the perfect starting point for aspiring gymnastics competitors. 

Level 2: Level 2 is the best way to get your child started on the competition stage. Students learn the expectations of judges and scoring and learn the importance of perseverance and pride. Our Level 2 Team practices 2 days a week, focusing on apparatus and strength with an eye toward future levels of competition. 

Level 3-10: Our Level 3-10 students begin to take on the demands of a year-round schedule and local, sectional, and state competitions conducted by USA Gymnastics. These students learn the skills and discipline needed to succeed against the very best gymnasts in the area. This Competition Gymnastics format sets students up with skills for all aspects of life, including perseverance, focus, and self-confidence.  

IGC: IGC Competition Training at Mid Island Gymnastics is perfect for students who aren't ready to take on the commitment of year-round USA Gymnastics competitions. Our IGC competitors represent Mid Island Gymnastics in local, state, and national competitions but can tailor the training regimen to meet your busy schedule. You can train 1-2 days a week and even limit your training to just part of the year! 

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If you're looking for a great way to challenge your child and treat them to the exciting world of competition and accomplishment, join us at Mid Island Gymnastics in Hicksville today. We are proud to offer high-level Competition Gymnastics programs for students of all ages! 

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